Carrie Leach-Zelnis

So, what’s this “Rockstar” business all about?

A creative marketer with a musical background, Carrie initially pursued photography and graphic design to learn how to make elaborate album covers and booklets for her own music. Emotionally-driven writing had always been her passion, and the visual representation of lyrics using creative typography gave her the ability to push the meaning of each song even further. Finding new ways to generate those “yes, I so get it” moments is what has driven her since before she understood how very well that could translate to helping brands express what makes them special and connect with their target audiences.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2003, Carrie’s career began in Los Angeles where she worked for a reality television production company, giving her video production chops out of the gate. She also gained experience in voice-over, recording the “coming up next,” and other transitional commentary you hear on TV shows. With a small resume of unique experience, she came back to Ohio in 2004 to be close to family and dedicated her creative talents to an array of positions for traditional and digital marketing and advertising agencies, and corporate as well as non-profit organizations.

She got her feet wet in the agency world first working for a digital firm focused on branding and website design, and then while working for a Fortune 500 corporation, in 2008, she earned her Master’s degree in marketing and communications. Shortly before graduation, she was recruited for a Director of Marketing position for a non-profit where she got to flex her design and strategic muscles, building a brand with years of history but that previously lacked a consistent voice and identity. She then spent a number of years at a marketing agency where she learned the importance of quality consumer research and gained a new appreciation for creative strategy, overseeing the agency’s largest accounts from research through creative development and implementation. She then spent a couple years working for an award-winning integrated communications agency as Director of Strategy.

Carrie has experience in B2B and B2C traditional and digital marketing and has served a range of small to large global brands. With 20 years of well-rounded marketing experience, she is a freelance consultant partnering with agencies and brands to deliver impactful creative work, and offers a vast array of services including specialized skills, such as voice acting.

Every work experience has culminated to create a background of skillful diversity. This “rangy” skillset coupled with her laser focus on making the end product the best it can be, has earned her the title of “Rockstar.” And, while she certainly doesn’t take herself too seriously, her dedication to her work stands out from the crowd.