Sonoma County Tourism Responsible Travel Initiative

Role: Director of Strategy for AOR, client-side producer and supporting art director.

Awards and recognition: Mosaic Addy Award

Credit: Agency – Fahlgren Mortine, Production Company – Matador Network

TourismOhio Rebrand

Role: Managed the strategic rebrand of the Ohio tourism brand from research through strategy to implementation. Contributing script writer, supporting director, and co-voiceover coach/director, and sole contract negotiator for music track rights with the writers side as well the publisher, Sony Music, for commercial use.

Credit: Cult Marketing, LLC

Role: Concept creator, photography art director, and copywriter for this poster series which was a part of the purposely edgy CC APEX campaign. Photographer credit to the wildly talented Stephen Webster.

Credit: Cult Marketing, LLC

QH Rebrand

Role: Managed the strategic rebrand and implementation of the Quantum Health brand. Contributing script writer, co-director/producer, co-voiceover coach/director, and contributing imagery and music selector.

Credit: Cult Marketing, LLC

Luxottica Campaign

Role: Managed research process through strategy and creative implementation of the ratings and reviews campaign for Luxottica. In the technical video below created for doctors of optometry, I was the script writer and directed the creative as well as provided the voice-over.

Credit: Cult Marketing, LLC

Corso Construction Group Rebrand

CCC Design

Role: Designer of new logo and business card, as well as branding elements such as the tagline and visual guidelines.