“I view each project as a puzzle with many facets—an equation waiting to be solved—and I am determined to ensure each piece is revealed and placed precisely for optimum impact.”

Because of her diverse experience, Carrie has insight into the intricacies of executing each element. Her full-service skill set and acute curiosity also mean that whether you engage her to do a comprehensive branding project or simply to help with one initiative for an existing brand, she will take it seriously and always push to make the work as strategic, smart and authentic as possible.

Carrie has found the following process to be highly effective in developing compelling brand and campaign concepts:

  • 1. Immerse

    This phase is of the utmost importance for quality output and includes a foundational brand audit coupled with in-depth 1:1 interviews with stakeholders (internal folks and external target audiences) that will go beyond the rational background information to uncover deeper insight into the target audience mindset, brand experience and perceptions and help fully define the challenge and opportunities.

  • 2. Illuminate

    This is where you’ll start to see ideas take shape with a detailed brand analysis including key findings and insights from your target audiences and opportunities for marrying their motivations and perceptions with your offerings.

  • 3. Inspire

    Oh the concepting phase — this is what I live for!  This brings everything together with a shiny, glittery bow and includes a comprehensive deck of ideas, inspiration and planning for how these new insights can translate into actionable platforms for communications. This can be followed by the development of authentic and impactful creative based on a solid (and sometimes evolved if you’ve been around for a while) brand strategy.