Turning insights into actionable ideas.


“I view each project as a puzzle with many facets—an equation waiting to be solved—and I am intensely determined to make sure each piece is revealed and placed in exactly the right space.”

Because of her diverse background, Carrie has insight into the intricacies of executing each element. This understanding also makes her impeccably good at creating complex timelines with multiple tasks and milestones as one of the first steps on the journey to taking your project to completion. This means you will get a detailed timeline, with the ability to track her progress along the way, which will ultimately provide you with the peace of mind that all elements of your project are under control.

Carrie’s full-service skill set and acute curiosity also mean that whether you engage her to do a deep dive research project or simply to design a brochure, she will ask a lot of questions, seek to review other communication pieces, and inquire about existing business plans, your target audience, and any other points that may contribute to the effectiveness and consistency of your brand.

It is called the “science” of marketing for good reason. It Carrie’s belief that the most effective marketing strategies are discovered through quality research, which leads to insights, which point to the best strategic solutions.

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